at Ms. Ruby's

There are 5 main components to the Montessori Method implemented at Ms. Ruby's: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language & Science.

Our students thrive in a beautiful, nurturing and authentic Montessori environment. When your family joins Ms. Ruby's school, you become part of a diverse, multi-national community committed to giving our children the best English-language Montessori experience possible. 


Cultural + Botany

The science material begins with the natural world around us. We introduce our students to advanced topics in the early years, preparing them for a lifetime of discovery. Topics range from how the world began to the basic principles of astronomy, botany, chemistry, physics, and zoology.


All children love to touch things and explore their environment. This need is innate. The stimuli are first perceived by the senses. The nerves are then activated and sends the impression to the brain. Sensorial activities help the child explore their intellect, through the senses, allowing the creation of abstract ideas.


Children love language, and are easily assimilated at this age. Exposure to the diversity of life and other languages, such as Arabic, is part of Ms. Ruby's curriculum.



Mathematics learning starts with concrete materials that lead to abstract understandings. Counting shells, objects & rods of graduating lengths gives the child a sensorial “feel’ for numerical properties. 



Practical life exercises are the first contact the child has with the Montessori environment. These lessons have been planned in such a way that the child will gain a fine motor control and confidence within their environment. This lays the foundation for an independent & satisfied child.

In this photo, one of our students has prepared a cheese platter to share with his peers. He prepared, cut, and arranged the platter himself.